2019 Club Academy Training

This off-season we are excited to be hosting our Club Academy Training program for all club and high school level players. Our Academy program is specifically designed for those players looking to improve on key skills and fundamentals during the off-season. YVBA Academy training are 2x a week, and we will solely focus on the fundamentals, technique, movement and footwork of each of the key volleyball skills. We will not be playing games or scrimmaging ... this is Fundamental Based Training.

Each player will be graded in each skill at the start of each session (passing, serving, hitting, setting, defense) and will be placed in the group relative to their current skill progression. Players will be given access to their Academy file to view their current level in each skill, and set clear goals/benchmarks to achieve the next level. The only way to improve, is to systematically attack those areas where you are deficient. Therefore, transparency is key.

This summer we are offering 3 Academy sessions June, July and August Sessions. They consist of 8 total training sessions each on Monday and Wednesday of each week. Each session will be billed monthly at $160.00 per month. Once we have done initial assessments of players skill levels, they will be placed in time slots (5-8pm) that fit their skill LEVEL at Tigard Methodist Church Gym. Time slots could vary from Monday to Wednesday depending on specific skill set.

​Players are not required to attend all training days within a month session. You may choose to come to some or all of the training sessions based on your schedule.

Coaches: Nate Gorman, Brent Reeves, Kendall Bergsten, Ashton Lloyd, Kim Moore.

Academy Training Sessions:

June Academy Session
Monday and Wednesday // June 3 - June 26

July Academy Session
Monday and Wednesday // July 8 - July 31

August Academy Session
Monday and Wednesday // Aug 5 - Aug 28